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About Us

Famous dictim of founder of Electrohomeopathy. “ I was totally immersed in the study and research on Nature, plants, trees and the various diseases. I did not want to do injustice with the people of Rome and therefore I resigned from being a member of parliament. I have held the various appointments like the magistrate, leftinent Cornel, etc but even here my mind and interest was on plants and trees and the nature only. I have had to listen and digest very odd and funny derogatory remarks from people but I never got perturbed. Today, in the year1865 I have been fully sucessful in my efforts, and I am bequething to you all a very natural and ancient system of medicine. It is my firm conviction, “that in the whole world this system of medicine will be first and last system that will be a complete healing based on medicinal plants and trees, and it should be so.” For, our food also consists of plants and trees only, and therefore the research on various diseases should also be by the help of plants and trees. Only then can we always keep ourselves healthy and without any disease.

This system of treatment with pure plant extracts is known as Electrohomeopathy, which is also known as Electropathy these days..

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